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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Go See BELLA and Score a Big One for the Culture of Life

Some of you might remember a post last January about a new film called Bella. In that post, I compared this film to The Passion of the Christ. Well it seems that some agree with this analysis.

This film is being released this weekend.

As you know, the opening weekend of a film is CRITICALLY important for sending a message to Hollywood. It is like voting in the Culture War Election (if that makes any sense).

So this is a call to action.



Lets make this film a blockbuster and launch these three Catholic film makers into a media frenzy and Oscar category.

These guys need to be empowered to make more films, they will be part of a new generation in Hollywood, perhaps a corner turning moment in the culture.

Please tell everyone about this film and do your part for advancing a Culture of Life.

Remember, this weekend is when you've got to go see it, the impact is lost if you plan to see it next weekend.

Remember too that we are in the midst of the 40 days for Life Campaign. Here is a letter for one of the organizers about Bella:


I've stopped believing in "coincidences."

In two days, the powerful life-affirming movie "Bella"opens in select theaters across America.

When I was talking on the phone recently with the star of the movie, Eduardo Verastegui, and one of the film's Executive Producers, they shared that they believed the timing of the release of the movie this Friday --right in the midst of 40 Days for Life -- was a giftfrom God.

I have to agree.

Please go see Bella this weekend. Y

ou will be actively helping to build the "Culture of Life."

Bella is the beautiful story of one day and one decision that changed the lives of three people forever. Powerful, passionate, and unpredictable, Bella reminds us that what is most valuable in life is not always what we expect.

Bella captured the coveted People's Choice Award at theToronto Film Festival (as did the Oscar-winning filmsChariots of Fire, Hotel Rwanda, Crouching Tiger HiddenDragon, and Life Is Beautiful in past years.)

The opening weekend is critical to the success of amovie and will determine if it will be distributed on awider basis to more markets across America.

YOU can help promote Bella and its pro-life message:

1.) See Bella yourself, and bring some friends!

2.) Buy a block of tickets for members of your church, family members, and friends!

3.) Forward this email to pro-life individuals and lists of people!

Here's more information about Bella:

* Reviews, bios, trailers and buy tickets online: http://www.bellathemovie.com/

* A wonderful article about the film and its star as published in Celebrate Life magazine (PDF file): http://snipurl.com/1sne8

* List of theaters showing Bella: http://bellathemovie.com/theater/

You will be profoundly touched by this movie.This is one of those rare opportunities where we cansend a loud and clear message to Hollywood about whatentertainment should be.Go see "Bella" this weekend and encourage your friends,family members, and fellow believers to go see it.

It will bless you!