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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Novak asks for a time out so the Plundering May Continue Unfettered

Casimir turns your attention to this article on the web today from the National Review Online.

Michael Novak has decided to bring his most academic and highly awarded sophistication of Western prowess to the public court and address the reckless opinions being formed by people who don't know all the facts he does about the Ave Maria scandals.

In a nutshell, Novak disclaims any interest in the law school governance, but expresses his exuberance and the University's joy at getting the law school from Michigan. In his mind, the law school has continued success (apparently, Bernie has been blowing smoke up his rump, too). (Novak hasn't paid much attention to the admissions metrics since the move was announced).

He makes this conclusion, "Law professors, above all, should wish to hear both sides of a case." Funny that his own administrators can't live up to that simply stated standard.

Novak, in my opinion, is engaging intentionally in the same methods of fallacy employed by his masters: namely, attack and destroy the opposition. In Novak's case, he very smoothly has called the opposition uninformed and haters. It's pretty slick in its subtle method. Novak even claims to be so uninformed that he can't make a decision.

Perhaps Novak better read the facts on this blog and the others if he is so uniformed that he can't make an opinion.

For a man who sits on the Board of an institution that has allegedly settled fraud charges, he better get a lot more informed real fast before he finds out what fiduciary duties, personal liability, and a lot of other nifty legal standards mean.

Nevertheless, Novak's article is either the most useless rant posted by a DC-based desk jockey or more proof of the misfeasance of Monaghan lap dogs.

Either way, please enjoy the article for it's absurdity.

UPDATE: Commenter by the name William Wallace points out this quote from the ever capable, most highly decorated, and glorious beyond compare Mr. Novak, "Law professors have competence in academic matters, including tenure procedures, but do not have competence in the fiduciary responsibilities and due diligence of the Board." Novak is using this quote to diminish the Mirror of Justice professors. As Wallace points out, one of the signatories of the MoJ statement sits on the Board of the New York Stock Exchange's Regulatory Corporation, and another authors a Business Organizations casebook. Just like the rest of his article, Novak apparently should learn more about his own fiduciary duties and responsibilities to his own university before he spouts off his own solipsistic reality some more.

Oh wait... Novak's ignorance of the standing of the Mirror of Justice professors relative to himself and their knowledge of Corporate Board functions just goes to show that Mr. Novak doesn't himself get "all the facts" before he comments about things.

Rather than inferring the insult of Christian haters on the people he opposes and rather than accusing them of acting with reckless disregard of truth, perhaps Mr. Novak needs to live up to his own standards.

As far as I can tell, the Mirror of Justice Professors have far more integrity and deserve to be treated with at least some of the respect they've earned. Novak, instead, can't even muster the capacity to treat them with the simple dignity of being competent and acting in good faith. It really tells a lot about how the personal universe of reality held in Novak's little mechanized mind works.

Based on his own performance in this article, how can anybody believe a word the man says? Perhaps he really is an exemplary Monaghan appointee after all.