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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Columbus Day Fumare Pics

Advocatus Militaris still writes from an undisclosed location. While he can comment, he is not able to compose a main post. He sent this along for your consumption:

At the outset, I wish to express my continued thanks to Tommy More for posting my offerings. It is a risk for him to have my offerings above his name, but he is both generous and of good humor. For this, he deserves my undying gratitude. Things have been very interesting lately! Not least of which is another demonstration that the various contributors to FUMARE disagree on a number of issues. Columcille's latest offering highlighted some of those differences and disagreements. Issues of war, economics, and strong drink have divided and continue to divide FUMARE's contributors. Group-think has never been a problem amongst this crowd. Nevertheless, a desire for a clear, level-headed and faithful articulation of the Catholic Faith has been one of the hallmarks of this blog.

Throughout the ages, certain types of men have been the backbone of the Church. Our Lord recognized this when He chose to grow up subject to a carpenter and when He chose some fishermen as his first bishops. While doctors, lawyers, and professors are important and do much to further the Kingdom, we mustn't lose sight of soldiers, farmers and mechanics. These are the guys whose masculine Catholicism is responsible for large families, priests and religious vocations, and common sense in the face of the "better ideas" of professionals. They are a healthy and sane paradigm of masculinity in a world that so desparately needs it. Bottom line: Don't mess with Soldiers, Farmers, or Mechanics! (Also, don't mess with FUMARE!)

Happy Columbus Day!

(pictured left to right) TheLawDog, Advocatus Militaris, Casimir Pulaski.

(pictured left to right) Columcille and Casey Khan (included because of his thoughtful offerings in the comboxes)

(pictured left to right) AMSOL Pioneer, Phlogizo, and Petronius.