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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Clarence Thomas Interviewed on 60 Minutes

Last night, the first segment of a 77 minute-long 60 Minutes episode was on SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas.

[picture forthcoming]

Justice Thomas kicks butt as the average Joe goes. He's certainly one of my favorites all around and the more I learn about the guy, the more I realize he's an example of the ideal Catholic attorney. He is what Ave Maria School of Law wanted to make. (note the use of the past tense denoting that the mission of the school has since been changed into the one Bernie Dobranski created).

On the question of whether loyalty to another person's agenda should sway certain decisions, Justice Thomas said:
I don't think that when you're dealing with things that are matters of principle or matters of fact, that you can spend a lot of time worrying about what critics say. You have to do your job. My grandfather never worried about it. You’ve got to do what’s right. You don’t engage in this type of pettiness.

My favorite quote, that sums up so much of his struggle (as well as my own), is this one:
I think it was always worth it to stand on principle. No matter what the ultimate goal is. Wrong is wrong even if it was over a penny.