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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Bella Does Wella

(Sorry for that)

With a very limited release, only 165 theaters, Bella came in second among the new releases when looking at the average income per theater.

What does this mean?

Hollywood will likely give Bella more theaters and more marketing money to reach more audience.

This is what the Catholic Church can do when it gets organized around a film.

Contributing to this success is the work of New Ethos - a new Catholic apostolate that is working to organize the Catholic media market to respond when high moral and artistic media products are offered in the market.

Understanding that the industry responds to market demand, New Ethos is trying to show media producers and developers that goodness and beauty sell well.

Thanks to everyone who went to see Bella this weekend and got the word out.

Keep it up, with a wider release, we can put Bella over the top and give Metanoia films that kind of return it needs to make the other films it has in production.

In development right now is a film titled Christo Rey - about the Mexican martyrs who died at the hands of the anti-Catholic Masonic government during the last century.

More on Bella's success here.