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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Artful Dodger


Between Senator Hamilton and Fr. Orsi, I guess they got the big guns out now, eh? I will await Thales' masterful dissection later on, but I am struck by the following:
But it takes money to have the kind of excellence that Ave Maria School of Law is committed to. AMSOL's Board of Governors had to make a choice for the long term good of the school. And I think the board made the right choice, just as I think O'Malley did when he took the Dodgers to LA. I don't believe O'Malley's in hell for doing what he did, and I don't believe Tom Monaghan and the Board of Governors are going there for making the decision to relocate.
It is rather tragic that Fr. Orsi has ascribed--at least by implication--that the opposition to Monaghan and Dobranski has said (on blogs or otherwise) that they and the Board of Governors are going to hell. Nowhere do I recall this ever occurring. However, I do recall the credible reports of Fr. Orsi from the pulpit ascribing certain blogs as the work of Satan. That is well known and was said in a most unfortunate forum. Secondly, we tragically see that, to Fr. Orsi, money is paramount. I'm glad Mother Angelica never thought that way.

Imust admit, though, that Orsi's argument was rather artful.

Just a kid from Brooklyn!