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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, October 29, 2007


The charge is constantly leveled that FUMARE and her contributors are destroying AMSL, engaged in calumny/detraction, doing something evil, etc. etc. etc. This accusation constantly amuses me and when a hard-hitting post comes out, you can be sure to find an assortment of fruits and nuts in the comboxes. Nevertheless, it is good to remind our readers that we can't make anyone subscribe to our position on AMSL (or anything else). The best we can do is present evidence, criticize the opposition, and argue our position. This does not exclude making fun of the people in power or bringing a little humor to the issues. (Hey, if I can make Richard Myers laugh, I will consider it a successful post!)

Over the past few years, we have been immensely sucessful on the Ave Maria front because, in the words of one accurate observer, "light disinfects." Bringing to light the injustices that have been perpetrated by--what I call--the "conservative Catholic elite" upon an incredibly successful law school and community because of the questionable vision of a Catholic Crassus, demonstrates the soft-underbelly of the so-called defensores Fidei in the United States. In the minds of those "building the kingdom" in our country, the end justifies the means. I pray that this isn't the case, but as a beneficiary of the "How-dare-you question-us-we-are-THE-Catholic-conservative-leaders-of-the-United-States" attitude up close; and as one who has looked at the evidence in the public domain and made a judgement on the matter, I cannot but conclude that the whitewashed tomb syndrome is not exclusive to certain members of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops or writers for the National Catholic Reporter. In light of the forgoing, FUMARE and her contributors are not afraid of the truth and are confident that it will see the light of day.

This is our position. We encourage our readers who are interested in this controversy to inform themselves and make their own decisions accordingly. Read the posts. Comment, argue, emote, vent. See who is intellectually more satisfying! Get some thick skin and have a sense of humor too--if you don't, you will hate my posts! You can google the issue and find many articles in the secular and religious press on the controversy. Likewise consider the following sources for a robust perspectives on both sides of the debate:

FUMARE (cutting edge commentary by harmless, lovable AMSL alums!)
AveWatch.org (documents and commentary on the Ave Maria Empire)
Mirror of Justice (blog of Catholic legal scholars that oftentimes comments on the AMSL situation)
WhoseAMSOL (historical blog of the early days of the unrest)
INCENSE (the answer to FUMARE; they don't like "contravening comments")
Senator Hamilton (another answer to FUMARE)

and...various other legal blogs that routinely follow the controversy.


AMSOL Real Transition Team (just plain funny--though probably not to the pro-Monaghan crowd!)

Inform yourselves, gang, and make a judgement. That's why God gave you an intellect.