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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Another Sign of a Healthy Law School

It has come to my attention that this weekend is the annual Association of American Law School's Faculty Recruitment Conference. This is an opportunity for legal scholars to interview at various institutions for teaching or research positions. FUMARE's sources tell us that AMSL will be well represented--in terms of professors looking for jobs! Consider the following:

Professor Ed Lyons
Professor Bruce Frohnen
Professor Nora O'Callaghan
Professor Vanessa (Pierce) Rollins
Professor Lee Strang

But fear not, Monaghan defenders! Dobranski's Ave Maria School of Law (DAMSL) will also be in attendance. The DAMSL booth will likely be represented by Dobranski, Sonne, Quirk and Adolphe. With the bad press over the last several years and the most recent lawsuit filed by Safranek, Lyons and Pucillo, this intrepid team will do its very best to save the DAMSL in distress. To that end, their booth hopes to attract bright young intellectuals who are interested in rich intellectual tradition espoused by Thomas Monaghan, B.S., honoris causa.