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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Analyzing the Trustworthiness Poll Results

From the number of responses, I think my first attempt at a poll was a success with well over 200 people voting. Prof. Myers lead from the start with about 70-75% support, and gradually inched up to above 80% support. Thank you to all who voted!

The first poll of the two listed, the one powered by Vizu, also has a map: click on "Comment" on that poll and you'll get a screen giving the number of votes cast and a map showing where the votes were cast. The map seems to be a good approximation of where Fumare readers are located: concentrations in the Midwest, California, DC, and New York, which would be expected. (A big "Hello!" to the readers in Alaska, Dublin, and Rome!)

100% accuracy is impossible with these Internet polls because of no one knows how often people are voting, but both polls had comparable statistics so I think the polling programs did a fairly good job of limiting the vote numbers by computers and/or IP addresses. (The downside is that only one person can vote in multiple-person households. All those big AMSL families with 5+ kids, sorry about that.)

Can anything be gleaned from the results? I'm not sure. The crowd being polled is most likely not representative of the AMSL community as a whole: I expect that people who read Fumare are more likely than not to agree with the views of Fumare contributors. Also, voters might have misunderstood the poll question and considered the trustworthiness of the individual rather than the trustworthiness of the individual's statements on the situation at AMSL. As discussed in the comments, bias might have played a role in the voting. Because of this, I've formulated another poll question in my mind which, I hope, takes these concerns into account. Stay tuned, I hope to have it up later today.

UPDATE: The map option for the poll has been removed due to concerns of confidentiality.