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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, October 05, 2007

AMSOL 2006 Form 990 is Reality Check for the Pro-Breach Crowd

Thanks to a diligent commenter last night who pointed out that the 2006 IRS Form 990 is available for public scrutiny at the Foundation Center.

As others have begun looking it over, some highlights are that the school takes in $10,000,000.00 (million) in tuition revenue as is; the By-laws of the Boards of Governors is printed in the form now; and Bernie's salary hasn't been docked for the lack of world-class performance, maintaining around 330k in straight salary bringing his total take from the SS AMSOL somewhere just over $2.2 million by now.

I noticed that the Board of Governors are now referred to as "Trustees" ... that's a slip of the typewriter because the only ones called trustees so far were are the University.

The statement of interrelatedness of Ave Maria Foundation is very disappointingly written (PDF p 17). Although this statement says the Foundation gives services "for free", two pages later it shows that the school pays over $30,000 per month to the foundation.

The loan descriptions will make you laugh. They now reference the Michigan education bonds.

On Page 20 there is a full statement of "THE MISSION".... THIS IS HANDY!!!!! Use it to impeach Dollarboy.

There is a list of official committees worth reading, too. The one on the external relations and the one on the mission struck me as the two most important committees. One committee exists to break the kneecaps of people who criticize outside, and the other is to break the kneecaps of the people inside. Nice.

Bernie Dobranski and Thomas Monaghan are listed as officers of a related party. NOTICE, however, that there is no listing of the University despite the fact that by 2006 the Board of the law school had already announced that it was hunting to get in bed with the University.

I'm sure Bernie has a nice spin on how that was overlooked or unnecessary. Doesn't anyone else think that an institution that promises to provide significant cash to a nonprofit if it undergoes an action possibly detrimental to its entiire operation should be listed ?

Read it for yourself. It's continuing proof that the Falvey Report was substantiated.