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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, October 19, 2007

$100 Million? Expected? The Dean's likely Settlement Strategy.

For all the cabin saints, who run around praising the $50 million pledged and spent, take a look at complaint paragraph 48 which states that Dollarbransky and Moneyhand were promising to the ABA and the faculty that $100 Million was to be invested in AMSOL.

Promised to the ABA? Now it makes a little more sense why the ABA stuff from last fall seems different from the ABA letter this year. I don't want to analyze that fact here, but rather point out that Uncle Tom has been derelict in his spending promises to the MICHIGAN nonprofit.

I like Dollarboy's exclamation "which we been expecting." Here's why I like it: He wanted them to sue in order to get to the point of the Monaghan settlement. If it went in the typical fashion, he can lock up the record-keeping Safranek and put him to pasture with a sanction-executing settlement.

If my dim view can see this much of it, I'm sure Safranek, Pucillo, and Lyons already have it figured out.

Plus, can anybody trust Dollarboy's statement about the lawsuit when we've already seen him misrepresent the ABA letter?

It's not the lawsuit ruining the school... it's the misfeasance (like firing these guys) and the lies, outright bold lies ruining and destroying the school.