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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

WHOA! Mirror of Justice Makes Big Statement

Today on Mirror of Justice, a post comes out with a full statement that has some excellent observations and a sharp condemnation of things happening at Ave Maria School of LAw by bad actors otherwise known as Dobranski and Monaghan.
By the failure to live their Christian commitment, the AMSL Dean and Board cause scandal in the legal, academic, and religious communities. This scandal is exacerbated by the fact that their actions are taken on behalf of a law school named for the Blessed Mother of Christ.

The statement rolls through various sources of standards/authority both Catholic and of general Academy.

I count 15 signatures from a wide variety of professors, repeated here in no particular order: Bainbridge, Scaperlanda, Kirk, Sisk, Stabille, Vischer, Shiffrin, Sargent (as in the Dean of Villanova), Peñalver, Garnett, Brennan, Berg, and Araujo.

Sto Lat, professors! Casimir prays that God grant you many graces for stating these things so clearly and with the force of your prestige.

I will also venture to speak on behalf of most of FUMARE in their appreciation as well, since, I can impute from the things they've observed as well that you are speaking well of the things we see, too.

UPDATE: Professor Bainbridge has posted the statement on his blog as well.
Avewatch, too.
Profs Blawg has picked it up.