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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, September 07, 2007

What is it with the Initials "RP"?

Enter the dark horse, wild-speaking Presidential candidate with Internet flair and the interest of middle America, Ron Paul.

He's from Texas.

I gotta admit, I like the guy's candor. I may not like everything he says, but his candor gives him a million bonus points in my book. There is but something about this whole idea that struck me as a bit too similar to history, a bit of deja vu. It just seemed to me that I've seen a guy come in with little slickness and much candor before who was able to split a vote enough to allow a Clinton to be elected president. History repeats?

Turns out the last time a Clinton was on the ballot, the was another independently speaking, brazen candidate with a lot of unique ideas, lots of candor, and not so much of the slick exterior that seems typical of the usual suspects.

That's when I remembered this guy, H. Ross Perot.

(He's from the Republic of Texas, too)

Texas is close to Arkansas.

They even kind of look alike to me, but I think all WASPs kind of look alike. That must be why they hang out in country clubs together, but I digress.

Maybe there is no similarity here. Maybe it's all just coincidence with nothing much else behind it, but it just struck me as being a little too familiar not to at least toss the idea out in front of the FUMARE crowd to be smoked up and puffed.

On the personal front, I like the underdog with something to say. Ron Paul has a lot of good ideas and he is certainly singing to the lost Republican-at-heart, especially when he blasts the neo-cons. It's the self-professed neo-cons, like a certain billionaire running around and his henchmen that say they stand for principles, and flavor the speech to have morsels palatable to principled thinkers, but then turn around and do whatever they want anyway throwing principle to the wind.

Sometimes when I look at the crowd presented as ideal candidates, I'd rather have a Trafficant or a Ron Paul because I think they were both guys who at least told you what they meant and did what they said. Trafficant might have been crooked, but at least he did what he said and acted in accord with it. There's something about that kind of candor that is preferable to the neo-con.

Rip me up for throwing Perot out there into the mix, but it just struck me as kind of strange coincidence.

Anybody else remember this? or this?

UPDATE: OK, I see that this idea is all over the internet already, and comments herein point out the difference I was overlooking that Perot was independent, but Ron Paul is running in the Republican party. Not so much a vote splitter, so that difference is a biggie. You gotta admit that the rest of it is kind of uncanny, though. Sort of a set of coincidences to show how narrow of a spiral the presidential politics are anymore.

UPDATE II: Anybody else think Russia's launching of the largest sorties seen in some time has something to do with it wanting to be mentioned in presidential debates again? I mean, c'mon, the plane shot down over Georgia is an unknown MIG configuration -- Russia is letting everyone know that they have some arm strength in their airfields again.