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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wanderer Recounts Dastardly Deed Done to Safranek

Big news day. Many articles and stories about the murder of Ave Maria School of Law. I imagine that we'll see a nice shiny interview of Uncle Tom at the cabin on the News channels in the next couple days. Maybe he'll call us Al FUMARE, terrorists, criminals, or some other insult that would violate Resident Life policies at his school.

This week's issue of The Wanderer (which is also Casimir's favorite weekly newspaper), issue Sept 13, 2007 contains a story about the dastardly deed done to Safranek.

Among my favorite quotes are these:

“Fumare” bloggers wrote that the dean was often disingenuous in his responses. He declined to discuss the Safranek firing; he downplayed the attrition rate for AMSOL students who have transferred out, over 30 from the class of 2009 alone, a percentage of 30%, double the average for other law schools; he misrepresented the founding of the school, attributing it to Monaghan’s “ vision” while neglecting to give credit to the Detroit Mercy law professors (Safranek, Mollie Murphy, Richard Myers, and Joseph Falvey) who approached Monaghan with their “vision” and who each gave $ 20,000 to the new school, and agreed to work for over a year without compensation. Further, bloggers wrote, he minimized the high attrition rate of faculty and staff (nine of 18 faculty have left or are in the process of leaving).

and Charlie Rice's quote:
Former faculty member Dr. Charles E. Rice told The Wanderer that this way of building a new faculty for the Florida venture is “violating law, ethics, morality, and everything else.”

Casimir agrees, especially that it violates everything else as well as any other measure of what is right and wrong.
As Miklos Molnar pointed out, there are many comments reposted in the article.

To see the article, go to The Wanderer website, and subscribe for the e-edition ($50 annual). You can view up to three editions for free, however (so even students can go see it without breaking the bank). The rest of you should pay the $80 for the print+electronic editions -- it's worth it to have around.

I just wish they would have cited some of our fun parodies, such as Barney Dollarbranski, and Uncle Tom Moneyhand, but maybe that's too much.