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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Roundup of Mirror of Justice Statement's Exposure

The statement of the Mirror of Justice professors has been gethering notice across the internet today.


However, in an interview today with ABAJournal.com, Bernard Dobranski, the law school's president and dean, says "a small group of disgruntled faculty members who don't want to see the law school relocate" have magnified academic freedom and governance issues. Although he can't discuss personnel issues, he says the outside academics don't know "what's going on here."
Apparently, if Barney's statement is true about academics, then pimped-out administrators like Dollarboy can't see what's going on outside their wallet, either. Continuing to quote the now regulalry impeachable Dollarboy (anybody remember this story about how the 2002 AMU 990 impeached Barney's statements that he was not connected to the University?), the article states:

Dobranski, though, points to five new faculty hires at the law school as evidence that it will not have any difficulty recruiting academics to take the place of those who depart.
The fact that he can get five people off the street doesn't mitigate that he gutted the tenure system at AMSOL. Nice issue-shifting, Barney, but retention would seem to include the tenure system (cue comments: there is no tenure system).

See Barney's Shovelcraft on the Updated Blog Entry on the ABAJournal here.

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I think we'll see some wider exposure over the next week or so. We might even see an email from the Dollarboy tomorrow. Heck, he might have already written it and has it sitting in his assistants drafts folder in MS Outlook just waiting to hit send.

UPDATE: I should be forthright. I don't just think we'll see, but I have it on a few independent sources, that several news pieces are hitting the streets in the next couple days.