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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Pope on Money and Egoism

I thought that this article reporting on the Pope's message from this past Sunday was a great follow-up to Petronius's post. Is the Pope quoting Chesterton?

Pope Benedict XVI denounced what he called the world's "profit mind-set," warning Sunday that money can turn people into "blind egoists" and urging the wealthy to share their riches with the poor.
Benedict said life was about making choices between good and bad, between altruism and egoism, honesty and dishonesty. Ultimately, he said, it was about making the choice between God and Satan.

"Money in itself isn't dishonest, but more than any other thing it can close man off into a blind egoism," Benedict said. He called for a "conversion" of economic goods. "Rather than using them for self-interest, we should also think about the needs of the poor, imitating Christ," he said. . . .

The topic of social and economic justice is expected to be explored further by Benedict in his second encyclical, which Vatican officials have confirmed will deal with social themes. . . .

Benedict cited that encyclical [Centesimus Annus] Sunday, saying modern, capitalistic economy had some positive aspects to it. But, he added, "capitalism shouldn't be considered the only valid model of economic organization."
I would add that capitalism shouldn't be considered the only valid model for educational organizations, too.