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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, September 28, 2007

The Playbook

I was amused to read Dean Dobranski's comments to the Detroit News today:
"The people who are making the noise clearly don't want the law school to go to Florida and they are willing to do whatever they can to stop it," Dobranski said. "Nothing will change their minds and they will do whatever they can to destroy the school. I think that's unmistakably clear."
What I find most interesting is the return to the old playbook of "it's all about Florida." Like liberal Democrats on a myriad of issues, Dobranski has nothing else and returns to the same talking points like a broken record.

In failing to take on the issues intellectually and responsibly, Dobranski continues to hide between such memorable phrases as "confidentiality, " "personnel decisions," or some variant of "I don't like the spirit in which the questions are asked and therefore I will not answer them." Likewise, he continues his verbal slight of hand in his allegations that "the noisy people" or "dissidents"(i.e., concerned alumni, students, and faculty) are "trying to destroy the school" or are "against the mission" of the school. Finally, the Dean is fond of bringing up his favorite scapegoat: the evil bloggers. Where once Fumare and sites like it were negligible, now they are the primary means for the "noisy people" or "dissidents" to destroy the school.

Unfortunately for the Dean, common sense and the thoughts of responsible Catholic scholars say something else. The Mirror of Justice Declaration by a group of respected Catholic legal intellectuals speaks volumes of Dobranski's leadership. Likewise, the recent comments of Monaghan regarding the "academic terrorists" in Michigan belies a contempt for those whose currency does not say "In Tom We Trust." I also have it on the word of several Alumni Board members that the Dean's new representative to the body, Dr. William Colburn, admitted at the recent Alumni Board meeting that the actions of the alumni "were having an effect." Whether he meant the Alumni Board's proclamations or some of the alumni run blogs, I am not sure. Nevertheless, this is a stunning admission from a member of the current administration.

For my part, I'll stick with Charles Rice, Ed Peters, the Founding Professors of AMSL, the Mirror of Justice scholars, Fumare and the majority of the AMSL Alumni. From what I have observed the currency they deal in states "In God We Trust."