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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Overheard at the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Conference

AMSoL Alumnus: You've betrayed the mission of the law school.

Dean Dobranski: I created the mission of the law school.

Alumnus: You created the mission of the law school?

Dobranski: Tom Monaghan and I created the mission.

Alumnus: I'll have that posted on fumare tomorrow.

Other news:

There are some well-respected, well-placed Fellowship members who are aware of the dangers of associating with Monaghan and who are on guard against a Monaghan takeover of their group.

People know about both the firing of tenured professor SS and the manipulation of the tenure process. They don't like it. But, there is a sense that this is someone else's battle and a hope that the Ave projects, both the Law School and the University, can be salvaged. There is a recognition that Monaghan is part of the problem, but a hopeful belief that he may step back and let the academics (who are highly thought of) run the show. (I know, dream on.)

It seems that there is more interest in (and greater expectations for) the University than for the Law School. It also seems, and this shocked me, that these expectations may be well-founded. The University BoG apparently has a pulse. The Law School BoG is now packed with third-rate Monaghan sycophants.

Alex Vernon and Florida feature prominently in the school's promotional materials. I'll be watching the law school dvd tonight. (I took Curb Your Enthusiasm back to Blockbusters this afternoon. There was a drycleaners featured prominenty in one episode. Their phone number was posted on their van-no "555" stuff: a real number. I called it and got an LA drycleaners. Shlomo wasn't there, though.)

One last thing:

The cafe from which I write is now playing Blondie's Maria on the jukebox. "Maria/ you gotta see her.../ Regina/ Ave Maria...." I saw the Blondie reunion gig at Town Hall where they debuted this tune. Good show, but Debbie Harry really should follow T$M's skirt-length guidelines.