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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Monaghan Hires Fellow Floridian to Change Minds of Hold-Out Law Professors, Hesitant Catholics

I received the following from Advocatus Militaris who is presently in an undisclosed location. He sent it along and asked if I would publish the following:

Ave Maria Town (AP)--In an effort to attract more "solid Catholics" to his south Florida paradise, Mr. Thomas Monaghan in association with Barron-Collier presents an evening of entertainment and fun for the whole family. "We are all very excited for this weekend's event! We wanted a voice as unique as Mr. Monaghan himself and one which reflects well the indigenous culture of south Florida and the message of the Holy Father's first encyclical Deus Caritas est," said Hilda von Woffenschmidt, spokesperson for Ave Maria. "Mr. Whitman was the natural choice!" Ubi Voco Te: An Evening of Music will be held in the village green in front of the Oratory on Saturday, September 15, 2007 at 7:00pm. Rain or Shine.

The event comes at a time when Mr. Monaghan's Ave Maria project has come under severe criticism; and risks, in the words of one commenter, being "a colossal failure." Most recently, respected Catholic legal academics across the nation issued a statement on the legal blog Mirror of Justice severely critical of the leadership of Monaghan and Dean Bernard Dobranski at the troubled Ave Maria School of Law (AMSL). Sources tell AP that the Executive Team of the various Ave Maria boards decided on this event when it became apparent that the criticism of Ave Maria was not going away. "Anyone who doesn't think we're normal are cultural terrorists, " Mr. Monaghan said, "I'm with the pope." Fr. Fessio could not be reached for comment.