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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, September 14, 2007

MOJ Statement Hits the Regular Press

As I promised, the news stories roll out today.

First to press was Naples News.

Barney was on the phone alot yesterday so I bet we can construct his 5:20 email before it even comes out.

Here's some more fodder he composted in the interview:
"I find it extraordinary that a group of law professors in particular would make these statements after only hearing one side of the story," Dobranski said. "We're obviously constrained in what we can say on these matters because these are personnel issues."

They heard your side of the story, Barney. You fired the guy and published statements that had open innuendo that Safranek sexually harassed another. Later, you corrected the statement and said you didn't mean to imply such. Today, you are out trying to minimize the damage by saying no one is listening to you. Perhaps if you didn't tell so many stories (like telling students in 2002 you weren't involved in the University, OR that the ABA gave you a clean bill of health) your side of the story would have some weight.
Dobranski also vigorously denied that Monaghan was involved in the school's day-to-day operations.

I'm surprised he let you say that. Well, it is only weekly meetings on average, so day-to-day is the key modifier here.
He said the school’s critics have failed to provide proof of any situation where that has occurred. As for the charge relating to the school's Catholicism, Dobranski said, "People should be worrying about their own institution’s Catholic identity rather than ours."

You should be worried about your own Catholicism instead of making implications about those people's. (Didn't the crow you had to eat over the story you told about the Safranek charges or the crow you had to eat about the story you told about the ABA notice do any good?)

There's a nasty mess here in your yard and it doesn't look good. Like they said, you hold the school out to be more Catholic than the others, yet, even here in the face of error you'd rather throw mud. (you like to use that phrase in the interviews, so it must be what you like).

Shame on you for trying to cast aspersions on those professors, too. As far as we know, they haven't had to self impeach themselves as often as you. Besides, most low grade administrators like the one Moneyman Monaghan has made you into gave up the brutal tie versus line worker mentality in the early 80s.

Even the class profiles show that the affirmative injury occurred in 2003 when you began with the announcements of Florida. But you were there in Florida, as an officer of the University in 2002.

Did you reinstate Safranek yet?
Did you reinstate Lyons or Pucillo yet?

There will be some more news here later today, so expect more quotes from other news sources.

UPDATE: CNA Publishes Ave Maria Law School may face threat to accreditation.

Good Job CNA!
The group said faculty had not had any meaningful input into the decision to relocate the school and that the administration had intimidated faculty members to prevent them from speaking out against the move. They said one outspoken critic of the administration was suspended, and others have left or been denied promotions or tenure.

The group said the law school failed to live up to the Catholic notions of justice - procedural fairness, truthfulness, and concern for the person and the family.

"In suspending the one tenured and two untenured faculty members, Ave Maria School of Law has deprived them of the dignity of their work - their vocation - without adequate process," Mirror of Justice said in their letter of complaint. "And, in suspending the tenured faculty member without pay, AMSL has failed to take into account the well-being of that faculty member's family."

The group also reported that the dean received a "no confidence vote" from the faculty in April 2006.

UPDATE 2: The Chronicle of Higher Education just posted an article about the Mirror of Justice (MOJ) Statement about the events at Ave Maria School of Law. Click Critics Say Leaders of Ave Maria Law School Violate 'Core Catholic Norms' to see the article.

The Chronicle aptly described the MOJ authors and fairly characterized the content.
It is worth mentioning that Barney's propaganda tending to belittle these upstanding professors is repeated at the bottom of the article. It's very funny that he has any standing to criticize others of "misinformation and disinformation."

Matt Bowman is highlighted in the Florida Trend as providing the Quote of the Day, which is subtitled, "What you need to know about Florida today." They state it:
"I think Tom Monaghan runs an academic dictatorship and uses his power not to fight heresy, but to fight those who disagree with him."
-- Matt Bowman, a 2003 Ave Maria law graduate and alumni board member.