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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Mark Shea on Ave Maria Law Controversy

Noted Catholic blogger Mark Shea has a few quick thoughts on the situation at Ave Maria School of Law. An excerpt:
When you find yourself operating on the principle of "If force fails, use more force" and discover you are kicking around perfectly honorable people with epithets like "academic terrorist" or leaving hard-working and honest subordinates with large families high and dry on the most dishonest and tendentious of charges because they are supposedly "disloyal", the wise thing is not to circle the wagons or boast of your victories. The wise thing is to put on sack cloth and ashes and seek reconciliation with God and neighbor. . . . The one thing that will not do is the course the leaders at Ave Maria appear bent on pursuing, which is saying that all these honest critics are just Bad People. Sorry, but I don't think anybody but the small group of folks in The Bunker believe that at this point. When you lose Ed Peters and Stephen Bainbridge, you've lost. As our Pentecostal friends say, Time to get right with God.
HT: Jay at Pro Ecclesia