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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Interview Reveals, Kuzka's Mother is Looking for Dobranski

As recent posts have shown, Donbranski's second-half (2003-2007) performance at Ave Maria has been a period of Détente and Stagnation. The stench is so bad, he has to contradict his own words. The odor emanates from many places, as well.

Some people expect the world-class performance they were promised. Even Kuzka's mother, of folk fame has decided to come talk to Dobranski for his recent flip flops and attempts to deodorize.

Casimir set out to find her, and although she couldn't be found, yet, many of her friends warned of near future events, as she is looking for him.

Tomtko and Sblinka Svatkov explain what they heard.

Local villagers, the Svatkov's, explain that the last person they remember Kuzka's mother going to see was some prosecutor in North Carolina. They say some of Kosma's mothers friends were done the street preparing a place for the next career to be visited by her.

I went searching and eventually found these two ladies preparing a picnic for the academic career of Dobranski, that at least it might be remembered with some fondness for the good things about it.

"He did do good things, and we bring bread to the grave so the good things may find peace here," explains Sharlatova Shestalona, who keeps nervously looking down the road for the arrival of her friend, kosmamatka. "She is brutal, but she does it to prevent purgatory of the people she visits, that they might make it here," she said.

Anakstrana, the other woman, chimed in to quickly add, "it save good people from them, too. Too many good people are hurt before kosma's mother has to visit them. But she does it to help good people."

Hurt indeed. The law school certainly has been in a period of stagnation, lead by the double speaking Dobranski, who says faculty governance is important when building the school, but complains that faculty want to run the school when tearing it apart to be moved. While I couldn't find her for direct comment, it's clear that Kuzka's mother is out looking to get the story straight.