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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dobranski's Deanship Requires Parade of Goodness: Détente and Stagnation

The great executive administrator has ordered a parade of the military to show how much they help people. It used to be that people knew it by experiencing it. Now they must show it in memos and announcements.
More evidence of the Détente and Stagnation apparent in the critical performance metrics used to rank law schools (such as the LSAT), is this gem of a spin from the Dean of Ave Maria School of Law's office today:
In an effort to provide an additional service to our alumni and students and to consolidate and formalize efforts that have been ongoing here at the Law School for some time, on September 10, 2007, I appointed an ad hoc Bar Examination Appeal Assistance Committee. This Committee will be responsible for providing information about the appeal process and assistance to graduates who have failed the bar exam as they consider whether to appeal.

No way. Is that really necessary? I thought the transition team efforts were first and foremost, not to mention career service assistance. We need a bar exam appeal committee now?
[Barney names a few of the lap dogs to the Committee]

The appointment of this Committee is another demonstration of our institutional commitment to excellence on the bar examination and support for our students and graduates, which has been a hallmark of the Ave Maria experience. My hope is that this Committee's efforts will not only help see our graduates through a difficult and trying process, but also enhance the Law School's standing in the academic community through continued high bar passage rates.

No way. He must be smoking crack. The need for the committee is evidence of the foul stench emanating from his office and its effect on the loss of the world class school it was becoming until he sold out to Uncle Tom in 2002 by joining the Board of Directors of the University.

If it were a bar passage committee that assisted students prior to taking the bar exam then perhaps his statement that it is a symbol of student support would be true.

Really, all he is doing is proving that the people who have done this for a few students, namely, Safranek and Pucillo, need to be replaced by a committee of five, given honors and paraded in front of everyone in the town square.

It's more sad commentary on the state of affairs at Ave Maria School of Law. The professors who did this as a matter of course have been canned so now the Dean has to order people to do it. And those people need a title and recognition for it.

Safranek and Pucillo never asked to receive resume fodder for helping students. They saw it as the way things ought to be. What a joke. Détente and Stagnation under Dobranski.

Moreover, I think he may be trying to place another bureaucratic layer between himself and Kuzka's mother.