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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Anybody seen this Steaming Pile of Malarchy?

Check out this pile laid on thick and heavy:
Ave Maria's beginnings lie in discussions between former Oakland County prosecutor Dick Thompson and Monaghan. In 1998, several professors left University of Detroit Mercy School of Law after a dispute regarding the invitation of a pro-choice Michigan Supreme Court justice to give the oath at the end of the school's Red Mass, providing a core faculty. With the financial support of Monaghan, Dobranski was recruited to serve as dean. The school currently has twenty-one professors including Robert Bork, one visiting professor, and six legal writing lecturers.
It's here at Wikipedia.

That doesn't eve jive well with Bernie's explanation as Published in Toledo L rev, THE FOUNDING OF AVE MARIA SCHOOL OF LAW by Bernard Dobranski.
Before the official announcement was made, however, many months of intensive discussion and planning went on regarding the nature of the school’s mission and its aspirations. Two particular events are worth recounting. In late January 1999, I met with the founding faculty for a weekend planning session at the home of Professor Joseph Falvey.[ii] The meeting focused not only on the mission and direction of the law school but on all the details necessary to create and operate a new law school, e.g. the desired size of the school, the kind of students it wished to attract, the size of the faculty, and the contents of the curriculum. We paid particular attention to the ABA Standards for Approval of Law Schools, and agreed that the goal was to meet and exceed those standards as quickly as possible. During a weekend brainstorming session in late March, we developed and fleshed out the plans outlined during the January deliberations. Approximately 25 people attended that meeting, including the founding faculty and a number of law professors, judges, practitioners, and university officials from around the country, many of whom had interest and experience in legal education or university education involving religiously affiliated institutions. From these sessions, the basic plan for the law school was developed and then refined into the self-study document required by the ABA for accreditation. That plan, with only a few minor modifications, remains the basic plan for the law school today as it welcomes its fifth entering class.
Coincidentally, Bernie said this, too:
It was scheduled to open in August 2000, would initially be funded by the financial generosity of the Foundation, and would be governed and operated, not by a Catholic diocese or religious order like the more than other twenty Catholic law schools, but by an independent board of Catholic laity and clergy.
I'd like to see it governed that way. Lately, it's governed by one man, not independently.