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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

AMSOL Class LSATs over the Years.

From the fingers of FUMARE posters, such as albert anon, a reconstructed list of year to year stats for Ave Maria School of Law classes has emerged.

See albert anon's orginal comment here.

Class 75%-Med-25%

2003 161-158-155

2004 162-158-154

2005 163-160-155

2006 162-n/a-152

2007 161-156-151

2008 160-155-151

2009 158-154-150

2006/2009 data lines up.
2005/2008 they report a 150 25th
2004/2007 they report a 160-155-150 split.

Wow. After the peak in 2005, when accreditation was gained, things went steadily downhill. That, or the class of '05 was an aberrantly smart bunch of people. Given the prior trendlines, however, that would not seem to have been the case.

The The superb progress AMSL was making largely stopped dead in its track. The 5 point decline 25/75 is striking, particularly when you consider that most of the top lawschools (just my quickie analysis) seem to have increased their scores significantly during the same period.

I made a little picture of the data:

I think it speaks for itself. After 2003, two things prompted a decline. The move announcement and a noted shift in class size. Some comments in the past have noted that the admissions policies also sought to grab students from a larger pool. From what I see, stuff has continued to decline since 2003. The move was announced in 2003. Anybody with a brain had concerns that the law school was going to get pummelled in a manner like what happened to AMC.

So, given that the faculty didn't make a public fuss until well into 2005, when Rice was canned, it seems affirmative injury was caused by Monaghan in 2003.

The follwing chart shows the comparitive ranking of the class within LSAT scores. A 1 is top and 0 is bottom.
click for big image.