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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Wonder Years at AMU

Did you know Winnie Cooper is super smart? She has some math formula named after her. She's writing a math textbook for middle school girls entitled Math Doesn't Suck. Maybe they'll use it at the new school in AMT.

Speaking of which:

Ave Maria Grammar and Preparatory School has posted its tuition schedule under "Admissions: Tuition."

5900 bills. $6400 for non-Catholics. (Can they do that? My guess is "no.") So they'll be serving Naples more than Immokalee, apparently. How will AMU faculty afford this? (Is it per child?)

Maybe wealthier Naples residents will be subsidizing Immokalee residents. I'm sorta okay with that, but the middle class will get squeezed. Always do.

Surprisingly, we don't learn much (or anything) about the governance of AMGPS by clicking on their "Affiliations and Governance" link. I wonder who will run the place? We do learn an interesting bit about AMGPS's accreditation status:

"Ave Maria Grammar and Preparatory School is actively pursuing accreditation through the National Association of Private Catholic and Independent Schools (NAPCIS). The NAPCIS national headquarters will be moving from California to be based out of Ave Maria. Information on NAPCIS is available at www.napcis.org."

Information is also available at avewatch.

So I'm guessing there will be a fully accredited GPS well before we see a fully accredited AMU or AMSoL in AMT. When the ABA moves to AMT, that's when we'll know we've lost.

PS: I went with the cute Winnie picture. There are others. She's all growed up. You're welcome, AMSoL wives and girlfriends. Now, does anyone know how I can preserve all the grown-up Winnie Cooper bikini pictures on my laptop? I wouldn't want to lose them; I may need them to exonerate me someday. What should I NOT do so as not to delete them irrecoverably?

PPS: They really can't charge a different rate for non-Catholics, can they?