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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Visual Aid: The Proud Members of AMSL Board of Governors

Based on information received in Fumare comboxes, and what has been posted elsewhere, this appears to be an accurate representation of the current makeup of AMSL's Board of Governors. While the only official acknowledgements by the law school are regarding the departures of Judge Pryor and Bowie Kuhn (r.i.p.), individual former BOG members Fessio, Scanlan, Bradley, and now George, have come forward to say that they are no longer on the BOG.

There are also rumors that Alvare and/or Carfagna should be removed from the BOG roster as well.

Considering that two of the remaining Governors are cardinals, and can be presumed to be as active in their governance of the law school as Judge Bork was active in his teaching at the law school, it is fair to say that we are down to 5-7 participating BOG members, depending on the status of Alvare and Carfagna. Two of these are "inside" governors, namely Monaghan and his employee Dobranski.

Questions to consider: how many are necessary for a quorum given these dismal numbers? Three? Four? How many is a "majority" for purposes of forcing certain faculty members to take an Oath of Succession, er, forcing certain tenured faculty members out of the school? Two? Three? Is it possible that the decisions you're seeing come from the "Board of Governors" are really just being made by Monaghan and his employee Dobranski, without so much as a single outside Governor agreeing?

Given the confidentiality the BOG hides behind, and the paucity of information that we do eventually obtain regarding the governance of Ave Maria School of Law, we are left to wonder....