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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

USA Today Reports on AVE

Some key quotes:

Kevin Lee, an associate law professor who resigned in February, recalls a female colleague who was reminded to wear skirts when Monaghan was present and another colleague who got "a lot of heat" for opposing the war in Iraq. Responding to a complaint filed by law school faculty, the American Bar Association is investigating whether the school is complying with its policies, a determination that could affect the school's reputation in legal circles.

Meanwhile, watchdog Internet sites mercilessly scrutinize each new development, be it the shake-up this spring in the admissions department or reports that yet another professor has been banned from his office.

Most complaints can be boiled down to one thing: Monaghan, who is the university's primary donor and chancellor, has too much control over an institution of higher education, of which shared governance is a hallmark.

"That whole organization is basically run like a sole proprietorship," says Christopher Beiting, a visiting history professor at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green who spent six years at Ave Maria College before quitting last year. Ave Maria College "was a very nice thing for a while," he says. "Most of the very competent people (who knew) how to run universities either left after a while or (were) pushed out."