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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Urgent Petition to Reinstate Professors Safranek, Pucillo, and Lyons

The Ave Maria Alumni Association Board of Directors has initiated a petition urging the administration and the Board of Governors to reinstate Professors Stephen Safranek, Philip Pucillo, and Edward Lyons. If you are a concerned alumnus, student, staff member, or other current or former member of the Ave Maria School of Law community, please read and sign the petition if you are so inclined. You can sign by emailing your name and class year or staff position to helpavelaw@gmail.com.

We the undersigned alumni and other members of the Ave Maria School of Law community past and present, hereby strongly oppose the actions of the school's administration and Board of Governors in ejecting Professors Stephen Safranek, Philip Pucillo, and Edward Lyons from our community. The administration and Board have disregarded these professors' academic excellence, Catholic sensibility, ethical integrity, and personal sacrifice. Their ejection, widely recognized as a purge of faculty that disagree with the administration and Board on issues of governance and decision-making processes, is gravely injurious to our school's mission, seriously damaging to its reputation, and inconsistent with the principles of a Catholic academic community. The injury is exacerbated by the direct harm caused to students who are enrolled in these professors' classes and who are entering the grueling federal judicial clerkship application process, a process whose deadlines are imminent and whose miraculous success for our community has been largely due to these professors' tireless and irreplaceable efforts. We therefore implore the administration and Board to fully reinstate these professors before the fall semester begins.


Alumni Association Board of Directors of Ave Maria School of Law and other signatories

NOTE: This post was moved to the top of the page so that as many people as possible would be aware of the petition. Please note, however, the post on the recent Alumni Board request for prayer and Boko's observant post about "service to the law school."