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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Town Hall Check-In Here

As this is posted, there is a town hall meeting occurring in Room 269.

It'd be telling to find out:
  1. Was internet available in 269 during the meeting?
  2. Who came to speak -- did the Dean come in? who else? any board members?
  3. What were the topics discussed.
  4. Was the Virginia Bar's statement that the school must have been accredited at graduation in order to sit for the Virginia bar exam discussed?
  5. Were any counter-terrorism measures taken in order to ensure the safety of the meeting?
  6. Did the Dean affirm or deny Mr. Monaghan's public statement that the teaching authority of the Church should be limited to theology?
  7. What is the final count of students in the 1L class?
  8. Are there any pizzas available or other lunch served?
  9. Was most of the meeting spent introducing the new temporary faculty members?
  10. Was there any discussion about the squashing of the dissident rebellion and the abrupt discharge of those professors?
  11. Was any new dehumanizing language employed during the meeting (such as academic terrorist, dissident, etc)?
  12. Did the Transition Team make an appearance? Did the Transistion Team offer any gifts to students, or other comfortable amenities (such as ear plugs, etc)?
  13. Did any representative of Florida appear? any Florida-based student, teacher, or other minion sent to smile and speak nice about Camp Monaghan?

The alumni (er, "graduates" as the Dean recently called us) would love to hear what happened.