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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Quick Primer for the Incoming Class

Casimir hopes the students will enjoy this brief stroll through recorded history compliments of the blogs and their work in compiling these quotes over the years.

From the Opinion Journal (click for article):
The next phase of Mr. Monaghan's pedagogical crusade began in 2000, when the Ave Maria School of Law opened its doors in Ann Arbor. Big-time conservative Catholics signed up. Clarence Thomas gave a lecture. Robert Bork co-taught a class. Princeton professor Robert George joined the board; so did Henry Hyde and Cardinal O'Connor. Everyone involved, particularly the students and faculty, was vetted with care. They had to buy into the mission: "a legal education in fidelity to the Catholic Faith as expressed through Sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture and the teaching authority of the Church."

Note that last phrase, "teaching authority of the Church."

Mangan, Katherine S. Ave Maria: a 'Seriously Catholic' Law School. Chronicle of Higher Education; 2/18/2000, Vol. 46 Issue 24, pA18.
As the board's chairman, Mr. Monaghan says he has no intention of getting involved in Ave Maria's curriculum. "When I owned the Detroit Tigers, I didn't climb into the dugout and tell Sparky how to set his lineup," he says, referring to the baseball team's legendary manager, Sparky Anderson.
Several law professors who are familiar with Mr. Monaghan find that hard to believe, however, and some predict he'll play an active, behind-the-scenes role.
Mr. Dobranski says everyone who has signed on to Ave Maria is taking a chance because they believe in its mission. Says the dean, "It's really a leap of faith."

I bet Dean Dobranski wishes Mr. Monaghan had kept his world about staying out of the dugout. Well, then again, Mr. Monaghan isn't really in the dugout, he's just moving it across the country.

From the OpinionJournal, above, Monaghan said, in response to whether the Catholic Church has moral authority to teach that workers have a right to unionize, "I think that [the church] hierarchy doesn't know as much about those things as they do about their theology."

But then, you have to love what Mr. Monaghan says about businessman, Del Jones. Billionaire traded materialism for true happiness. USA Today; 09/19/2005
Q: Are successful business leaders who aren't religious less honest, moral or effective?
A: Businessmen get a bum rap. Surveys show that the most religious profession is the military. Businessmen are No.2. You're not going to like this, but people in the media were at the bottom of the list.

So, here he uses a poll the make himself look good, but then watch what happens with this poll (from the same interview):
Q: How do you explain letters 16-to-1 when polls show the country evenly divided about abortion?
A: My theory is you've got 10% of the people who were never going to buy a Domino's pizza even if they were starving to death. There were 10% who would buy my pizza because of my position. The rest couldn't care less, but the controversy was free advertising.

Oh, and all about the necessity to move to Florida, as opposed to being in Michigan. The Detroit News (staff). Across Wayne County. April 14, 2002. Section: Metro Page: 03B.
Hot topics Plymouth Township: Ypsilanti's loss may be Plymouth Township's gain. Township leaders recently met with officials from Ave Maria College in Ypsilanti in hopes of persuading them to relocate to Plymouth. The conservative Catholic college, founded by Domino's Pizza guru Tom Monaghan, wants to move to nearby Ann Arbor Township, but the proposal seems shaky.

The Law School, now at the bottom of the rankings, really is a backwards institution now, as Dean Dobranski explained in Schaefer, Naomi, CAMPUS CRUSADE. American Enterprise; Jul/Aug2001, Vol. 12 Issue 5, p32 et seq.
Dobranski credits part of Ave Maria's success to the generosity of Monaghan and other donors, which enables the school both to be more selective and to provide large scholarships to those students who are admitted. "Most other new law schools start out at the bottom. They desperately need students because that's how you pay the bills, but schools that take anyone get a reputation for mediocrity that never goes away."

So our school started out at the top and has been driven into the ground. Thanks alot.

Welcome to the Super Catholic world, where it seems at times that money dispenses the meaning of words.

Quotes were pulled from articles here, here, and here. Also, this comment thread.