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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, August 27, 2007

NATO Mediator Charges Insult as Plagiarized; Orders Redo

After a brief fact-finding session this afternoon, Colonel Flaherty O'Mally, a impartial mediator assigned to the "Academic terrorism" charges, stated the following findings:

The mediator, sitting as fact-finder, has determined that the term "academic terrorist" is cliche and was stolen from an incident at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, as published in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

The plagiarist is known to be an avid reader of that publication.

The article states (source here):
January 16, 2007
Southern Illinois U. Professor Demands Apology for 'Academic Terrorist' Label
The accusations continue to fly at Southern Illinois University.

A linguistics professor on the university's Carbondale campus has alleged that the president of the system, Glenn Poshard, referred to her and others as "academic terrorists" who "lay in the weeds and throw bombs at everybody," according to the Daily Egyptian, the campus's student newspaper. The professor, Joan Friedenberg, is demanding an apology.

This is the latest chapter in a bizarre and long-running controversy concerning allegations of plagiarism, extortion, student-professor sex, and oh so much more.

The insult is null. The hurler is an idiot and ought learn some skill of insult.

The insult hurler's name is not published in this opinion as partial sanction as the hurler only likes to read his name published by others.

The insult must be redone. DO-OVER.



DIMWITNENKO, J, Dissents by separate opinion.

I do not believe the majority opinion has reached the proper conclusion. The epithet used was in the public domain and had no ownership rights. The law has always bent expectations to the capacities of the actor, and in this case, it is obvious that the speaker has limited capacity for originality, having even stolen his ideas for town design from a nun, a sci-fi comic show, and a protestant preacher. He can hardly be expected to come up with a decent insult since such skills require tact, balance, and cleverness. To force a DO-OVER is the equivalent of granting legal cognizance to his effort, which was negligible if present at all. Thus, I would have dismissed with a noisy opinion.

BUSH, J joins this dissent, but also adds that such an insult should have included the word "nucular" and believes such comments detract from the war against real terrorists who destroy regular Joe-American's lives.