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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Judge Targeted for Hiring Ave Maria Law Clerks

When reading this story and discovering that a DUI lawyer was behind the offensive attacks against a member of the judiciary for hiring Ave Maria School of Law clerks, one gets the picture of a old school crotchety lawyer who has an axe to grind, but who is really kind of a fringe character.

But this guy doesn't look fringe at all. And that should give all of us pause. With the recent spate of catholic bashing in the media, the rise of anti-Christianity in general and the advent of aggressive atheism, we are quickly moving into a cultural climate where this kind of bigotry is becoming more than acceptable, it is becoming laudable.
Could you imagine if this guy had done the same to a Jewish judge? He would be a social outcast. This action should give us all pause. And for those who practice in Florida, I would consider reporting this guy to the ABA.

Attorney Loring Spolter - Anti-Catholic Bigot

Can you spot what is wrong with this defense of Judge Zloch: "This is a guy who calls balls and strikes as good as anybody. There's no question he's a devoutly religious man, but to suggest that affects his rulings is over the top."

The fact is that Judge Zloch's impartiality and high standards of fairness and respect for the rule of law are not in spite of his religious beliefs but rather because of them.

Do you think that this slick DUI lawyer from Fort Lauderdale FL (of all places) is seeking to protect the integrity of our legal system based on a selflessness? He is looking for some marginal advantage for his case and is willing to destroy this Judge's reputation and career to get it.

I would love to see this quoted in the paper:

A fellow attorney who know attorney Loring Spolter for some years had this to say, "Loring will do anything possible to get an advantage, he has no moral sense or integrity; this is because Loring is NOT a man of any deeply held beliefs, religious or otherwise!"

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If any of Judge Zloch's clerks read Fumare, please extend our heart felt thanks to him and let him know that he is in our prayers.