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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Intentional or Not, Tenure Email Chops Pucillo and Lyons Off at Knees, Gives Empty Reward to Loyals

Alumni and staff today also received another email from Dean Dobranksi announcing tenure grants to Sonne, Adolphe, and Milhizer. The rewards program is obvious.

Notably missing from the email is mention of Professors Pucillo or Lyons. The email is very long with praise and adulation by Dollarbran$ki, so it's kind of obvious that all the blather was meant to make you forget that Phil has been there from the get go and been praised by students year over year as a great professor, and that Professor Lyons has been an excellent professor, equally well received by students and faculty.

I feel badly for Phil and Ed, but I think I feel worse for Dollar-boy who has apparently left even human respect, not to mention higher virtues, at the door.

It's sad to see these actions from people who claim to live on moral ground.

On the other hand, it's even sadder to be Milhizer, Sonne, or Adolphe because they just got an empty gift. Given the way tenure has been practically disregarded in other activities, what did they get? Nothing save some nice blather from the Dollar-boy.

...Dollar-boy is email-a-tronic today, so expect more updates... Current info coming in is mentioning that Prof Byrnes is leaving and Prof Kalinowski is promoted. No news about Prof Kirk's leaving, yet. No formal announcement about the denial of tenure. No formal announcement about the clogged vomitorium, either.

(updated to include Professor Lyons. I was under the misapprehension that Lyons wasn't up for tenure until next year, but many others have corrected me.)