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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

FUMARE Straw Poll (Verbal Caption Contest)

I'd like to see some of those creative skills in the FUMARE readership focused on a few questions ala corporate America-style HR questionares. In real corporate enterprises, HR usually sends a mass of personality questionares out to prospective and current employees, or holds a workshop of the same, where employee opinion is gathered. In the same spirit, and in light of Dollarbran$ki's enterprising espirit d'corps of late, lets play corporate for a day.

RULES: The following questions are meant for you to determine the right answer. There is no right or wrong answer, so be candid and honest. Answer each question with your first impression. Do not worry about offending anyone, because opinions are valid and welcomed.

1.) You are a faculty member of a corporate law school. You have just been granted tenure from the Dean, with an unstated expectation that you continue to conform your opinion to his expectations. Other professors have been denied tenure and are being released. What do you say to the Dean at this time?

2.) Pretend you are eight years old again and at the first day of school. The teacher is assigning seats and asking everyone where they would prefer to sit. You say you would like to sit in the front row, even though you'd like to be in the back row so you can sleep and goof off. Several other students have expressed a desire to sit in the front row, and you know from previous years that some of them wear glasses and see better in the front. As the teacher is assigning seats, she smiles, winks at you, and assigns you a seat right up front. Your brother told you that she expects the first row to compliment her daily and gives A's to the students who remember to tell her she looks pretty and smart several times each class. You notice that three of the students who usually need to be in the front row are left, but there's only one more front row seat. What do you do?

3.) Human resources has decided to promote you from receptionist to Chief of Operations. They tell you it is because the CEO likes to oogle the backs of your knees. For as long as you have been receptionist, you have seen another worker arrive daily at work before you and stay later than you. On several times you've asked this person how things work and they've always known exactly the process. Also, on many occasssions this person has gone out of their way to help you perform your job better. What do you do?

4.) Assemble the following things into a priority list. List the most important first and the least important last:
loyalty to important people, personal gain, self sufficiency, appearances, cleanliness, excellent work product, job security, beach location, nice sounding words, empty but very fulfilling promises, expectations of wealth, wealth, truth, proper order, due process, ability to speak freely, ability to correct wrongdoing, ethical behavior, ability to cover up unethical behavior, appearances to others, substantial compliance, compliance, actual compliance, lipservice to authority, authority, dual lives, dualism, reality, perceived reality, ability to induce perceptions, cover ups, public relations success at any cost, ensuring that you have a good name, earning a good name, brutality to critics, silencing critics, destroying negative opinion, inducing others to have awe of you, being popular, being liked, being well known, being the center of attention in any way possible, having service to others noticed, serving others, being admired for the things you do