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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dobranski admits ABA investigation of governance failures actually exists

A fascinating article appears in the current issue of the Naples Daily News. Read it yourself here. The article concerns the manner in which Ave Maria School of Law is being "moved" to Florida, and the similarities between what is being done to AMSL now and what Monaghan et al did to Ave Maria College a of years ago. Among the many truly remarkable things said in the article is the following passage:

In 2006, faculty members voted 11-3, with two abstaining, in favor of removing Dobranski from the school. The vote was ignored by law school officials and Monaghan, professors said.

Last year, several professors filed a complaint with the ABA, launching an investigation of the school's practices. Professors contend they had no place in the management of the school, which violates ABA standards.

If enough violations are cited, and are not corrected, the possibility of acquiring acquiesce would become even more difficult.

"We wanted to keep things in-house, and not hurt the school," said Phil Pucillo, an associate professor at the law school. "But when no one was listening and nothing was being done, we had to do what was in the best interests of the school and students."

Dobranski said he has yet to receive a report from ABA investigators.

"Until their investigation is concluded, it will be kept as confidential, as (the ABA) has encouraged," he said.

Dobranski said any concerns about the move are premature. The school must focus on gaining acquiesce before packing boxes.

"I would absolutely be opposed to moving if we don't get acquiesce," Dobranski said. "Nobody wants to start over."

Then why, Dean Dobranski, why have you done such a bang-up job of threatening the accreditation of our beloved law school time and time again? Why does your every action seem calculated to bring AMSL to a screeching halt if Monaghan's every whim is not satisfied? Just how much control does that man exert over AMSL? What have we -- and the ABA -- not been told about who actually runs AMSL? Why can't you stand up to the man and say "no, Tom, this is simply not in the best interests of the law school. I can't stand by and let this happen"? Why is it seemingly outside of your abilities to do such a simple thing, perhaps earning back a bit of the respect we once had for you? WHY?