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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ave Posts Record Numbers, Again

This post comes from reader Eric C. Bales.

Twenty-three members of the Class of 2009 no longer appear in the student directory and presumably are no longer with us. Eight of those are known to be transfers to top schools such as Notre Dame, Michigan and Pepperdine. The cause for the remaining fifteen are not yet known. Given the 125 members on the rolls before the summer, the Class of 2009 looks to post an attrition of 18.4%. An additional three members, who reportedly transferred but still appear in the directory, could bump the attrition as high as 20.8%.

Sadly this is not unprecedented. The rising 3Ls, Class of 2008, began with 147 members. That figure was 119 in May 2007. Over the course of the summer an additional three students transferred, all at a loss of at least one academic semester. A fourth member believed to have transferred still appears on the rolls. If each transferred, the Class of 2008's attrition will stand at 21.7%.

The numbers speak for themselves. Read and weep.

Update: Eric Bales now confirms that the attrition rate is 26 out 125 members for the Class of 2009. That is a rate of 20.8%. Three additional tranfers are unconfirmed which could bring the total to 29 out of 125 (23.2%).

Update #2: It is confirmed that at least 29 out of 125 members for the Class of 2009 have transferred. That is a rate of 23.2%.