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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, August 10, 2007

AMSOL Trials on Wall Street Journal Law Blog

Check out the article at the WSJ Law Blog, entitled "The Trials of Ave Maria School of Law."

Some excerpts:
In July, the school started termination proceedings against Safranek, claiming some trivial wrongs -- from calling the dean a "liar" to his face -- to more serious ones, such as intimidating the dean's assistant in the parking lot, which Safranek denies.
Dobranski declined to comment on personnel matters, but added that some faculty are now "engaged in activities designed to harm the school" and make the relocation "as difficult as possible." Dobranski says he is confident the ABA will find the school is in compliance with its standards.

That allegation about intimidation sounds bizarre. I'm not buying it. And Dobranski thinks the ABA will find the school in compliance with standards? When you've fired a third of your faculty and another third will probably resign or be terminated? That doesn't seem to me to be a stable legal environment worthy of accreditation.

There are lots of interesting comments at the original article, and it looks like some of our readers are participating. To those of you speaking commen sense, keep up the great work!