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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

You've got to love it!

If buildings have a soul, the music of this video are the songs that these buildings sing!

Some key quotes:

"The student dorms and university buildings were literally devoid of any character whatsoever. The austere, McDonald’s-hamburger-grey colored, blockish structures violently clashed with the surrounding Florida landscape. They look like industrial-age ball bearing factories or correctional institutions. The buildings near the “downtown” at least have the condo/Disney/prefab-pretty style going for them. But these - the design of which were demanded by Tom Monaghan – were simply eyesores. Their ugliness was not in the eyes of the beholder, yours truly, either. Nobody can call these buildings attractive after seeing them."

"Then it was time to visit the infamous oratory. The stone façades, in front and partially in the rear, showed that at least someone, somewhere, had made a meager attempt to give this future house of Our Lord at least some degree of a classical appearance. That, however, was the extent of anything remotely traditional about the structure. The rest of the exterior was encased in cold, foreboding (most likely Chinese) steel. The huge metallic “legs” protruding from each side gave the impression that this was some type of giant mechanical arthropod about to crawl off and chastise the population of Collier County. Some have remarked that it looks like a blimp hangar, but to me, it looked more like something that eats blimps as opposed to housing them."