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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

With Deep Regret, I Formally Resign From Fumare

Like many of you, I took a great risk in attending Ave Maria School of Law, a school that had no students and barely an facility when I accepted a place in the inaugural class. It is a decision that I am still proud to have made. Also, like many of you, I have been troubled by the lack of clarity regarding the plans to move the law school to Florida. I have not seen sufficient evidence to be convinced that the move is in the best interests of the law school (beyond the question of continued funding from the Foundation), but, at the same time, I have not seen sufficient reason to believe that our law school will no longer exist if it moves.

I accepted the gracious invitation to join Fumare as a contributor because of the chance to visit with friends I have not seen in many years. Unfortunately, it appears to me that some of my friends and colleagues have given into bitterness in regard to the Florida issue and that this bitterness has clouded their discretion. This bitterness has made them willing to make accusations against our fellow classmates, our friends, the law school administration and the board of trustees that I do not believe they could otherwise make in good conscience. Most recently, this blog served as a vehicle for despicable allegations against Father Orsi. A number of commenters seemed to believe that the worst allegations were vindicated because the administration had not explained all the details. As lawyers, we should know better. How many of you would advise your clients that they should immediately issue a press release on detailed issues relating to criminal investigations? or to employee evaluations?

For those of you who felt that the law school should give a clear account of the allegations relating to Father Orsi, however, the administration has complied:

The alleged “scrubbing” was thoroughly investigated nearly two years ago by both Ave Maria School of Law and the police. The result of the investigation revealed that no scrubbing had occurred and no one at Ave Maria School of Law had been asked to do so, much less suggested that it be done. Had you simply bothered to call the priest in question, Ave Maria School of Law, or the police you would have learned these facts. Recklessly, you failed to do so.

In light of the inability or unwillingness of Fumare to keep the posting and discussions within the bounds of reasonable discourse, this is my public resignation as a contributor to Fumare.