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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Who Wants to Bet?

Who wants to bet that America will be at war with Iran by the end of August?

Is this really all about fighting "Islamofacism?" Has just war doctrine been beaten to death by the pagan doctrine of "preemptive defense?"

What would be more effective, bombing the country to oblivion or sending a generation of Catholic missionaries there to have their heads cut off? Strategically, which will be more constructive: have the blood of martyrs soak that soil, or the blood of Iranian children?

Missionary work is the Catholic (in)version of imperial war. Rather than go to a foreign land and take lives (and resources, etc), you go to a foreign land and give your life (and resources, etc). The only problem is you need a vital and robust Catholic culture to give you the number of missionaries necessary to break the demon of Islam.

A society that kills 1.3 million of its own children each year based on the justification of "freedom of choice" is a society that will have few qualms about killing its neighbors, and will do so on about as much or even less justification.

We got the "freedom to choose" because of the horror of tens of thousands of women being mutilated with hangers in back alley abortion operations each year. Never mind the minor detail that these back alley abortions never happened - this was a lie of convenience.

Will new lies of convenience be served up to the American public before the end of August?

"The fruit of abortion is nuclear war." - Blessed Mother Theresa.

What a gal. Pray for us.