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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Who is Sr. Joan Talking To???

Predictably, Sr. Joan Chittister, OSB, is ragging on about the Muto Proprio and what a disaster it is for the Church.

Given that today is the feast day of St. Benedict who among many other riches gave the Church an order that pays very close attention to the complexity, integrity and authentic life of the liturgy, one can rejoice at least that Sr. Chittister has decided to return somewhat to her spiritual roots by writing about the liturgy! Alas, reading the article one wonders if St. Benedict would even recognize this spiritual daughter.

But why would Sr. Chittister, champion of the Spirit of Vatican II, hold such distain for the Johnanine Mass of the Latin Rite, i.e. the mass of John XXIII, you know the great "liberal" pope!?! You would think that she would be defending the mass developed during Vatican II.

Are you confused as to why she would prefer the Pauline Mass of the Latin Rite given to us by Paul VI? He's the same repressive pope who gave us Humanae Vitae!!!

What a strange place Sr. Chittister's mind must be. When the news announced pope Benedict's elevation, that very day I got a call from the development office of Sr. Chittister's order. I said, "You all must be thrilled with the news of Pope Benedict!" There was a pause on the phone and the reply, "Well, I would say that, lets just say that there is a lot of activity going on here as a result of the news." The message was clear.

Recently, I was at a dinner hosted by this same order. Despite the presence of three priests (who were never publically acknowledged or welcomed, so much for Benedictine hospitality), the "blessing" was issued by a nun with "Creator God," "Mother God," "Jesus our brother," etc. What a joke. Needless to say, their order is dying.

The reason is plain enough, but just in case you don't know, this is the kind of mindset that is "fed" by the likes of Sr. Joan and her fellow flower-pattern frock wearing nuns. It is taken from the comments to Sr. Joan's article:

Dear Sr. Joan,
Yes, you're right, the Tridentine mass and the Vatican II mass offer us two different kind of churches. Benedict's decision fits St Benedict's Day, Benedict -- and Scholastica I assume -- who left the world in a first time because he felt disgusted by the schisms in the church and the on-going gory wars. So much like today.I want to say that as a Feminist Catholic, as a woman who 'dissent in place', as a woman who is waiting for the Church to open wide its heart to homosexuals, divorced, pro Choice, poor, etc., this recent decision is just one more confirmation that the Catholic Church has shifted into a putrescent mode. I'm ready to write my own Eucharistic prayers and liturgies. I am ready to break the bread praying over it. I am tired of the patriarchal rigamarole...On the other hand, I remember that our Godde is a Godde of history -- or should I say, herstory or theirstory -- hence our Godde is muddling through the male hierarchical egos with us... our Godde has to come through and clean up the mess.In the meantime, of course, since Peter's pence is 42 million dollars in the black, I would suggest that all of us stop paying. Let's vote with its Holiness the Greenback or Euro and let the whole hierarchy go down.At any rate, thank you, Sr Joan for once again saying it as it is.

May the spirit of St. Benedict renew the world once again . . .

For a antidote of good sense have a read of this.

St. Benedict, Pray for us!