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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, July 13, 2007

News Roundup for Friday 13 July 2007

Save the Date! OK, gang, a chance to employ those frequent flyer miles and car rental deals! Head on down to Ave Maria Town for its open house on Saturday, July 21, 2007. Come see where the new law school will be! There will be music, food, and fun for the whole family. FUMARE will even have a booth at the event: "Dunk the Governor!" We can't promise that the sight of a soaking Katie O'Beirne or Robbie George will be as easy on the eyes as this gal, but it's a good cause and we encourage all our friends to come out and support us!...Mea Maxima Culpa. I apologize for teasing our faithful readers with my recent "Big News" post! Quite the reaction was made. But as every thing in life may be an opprotunity for grace, I received some wonderful spiritual direction from our many and varied "puffers." Hey, I'm just trying to be a fun guy!...Well put (or perhaps, put them in a well!) Mr. Chesterton gives us something to consider: "There has crept, I notice, into our literature and journalism a new way of flattering the wealthy and the great. In more straightforward times flattery itself was more straight-forward; falsehood itself was more true. A poor man wishing to please a rich man simply said that he was the wisest, bravest, tallest, strongest, most benevolent and most beautiful of mankind; and as even the rich man probably knew that he wasn't that, the thing did the less harm. When courtiers sang the praises of a King they attributed to him things that were entirely improbable, as that he resembled the sun at noonday, that they had to shade their eyes when he entered the room, that his people could not breathe without him, or that he had with his single sword conquered Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. The safety of this method was its artificiality; between the King and his public image there was really no relation. But the moderns have invented a much subtler and more poisonous kind of eulogy. The modern method is to take the prince or rich man, to give a credible picture of his type of personality, as that he is business-like, or a sportsman, or fond of art, or convivial, or reserved; and then enormously exaggerate the value and importance of these natural qualities. Those who praise Mr. Carnegie do not say that he is as wise as Solomon and as brave as Mars; I wish they did. It would be the next most honest thing to giving their real reason for praising him, which is simply that he has money. The journalists who write about Mr. Pierpont Morgan do not say that he is as beautiful as Apollo; I wish they did. What they do is to take the rich man's superficial life and manner, clothes, hobbies, love of cats, dislike of doctors, or what not; and then with the assistance of this realism make the man out to be a prophet and a saviour of his kind, whereas he is merely a private and stupid man who happens to like cats or to dislike doctors." Read the rest here....The Ravages of Public Education can be seen here....Milano--Center of Culture. No word if Cardinal Martini attended this exhibition....Summorum Pontificum has been issued to the joy of the Catholic faithful. Certain attendees of the Tridentine Mass over the years have developed a taste for fashion. I just hope that Catholic women don't see the need for the continuation of this in everyday life. Remember gals--long enough to be modest, short enough to keep it interesting!...More [...] education laughs here....Finally, I am going to take the weekend off and, among other things, bask in the glory that is Mrs. Militaris.

UPDATE: Breaking News: Scratch the surface and you find more. I stand by my "affirmatively injurious" post below.