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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Incense, Wow, You're Growing Up So Fast!

A short time ago, Fumare welcomed its little cousin Incense to the blogosphere and imparted worthwhile advice to Incense as it took its first shaky and uncertain steps into the new world. I'm glad to see that Incense took some of Fumare's advice to heart, like getting rid of the ugly yellow background. (It's much easier on the eyes, Incense. Nice work with the interior decorating!)

Cheerful and fun-loving Fumare contributor Boko Fittleworth now reports that "Incense - Accentuating the positive about all things Catholic!" is growing up too quickly and is censoring those comments that do not fit Incense's rigid view of what is "positively accentuated." So far, they've censored joyful commenter Don Altobello and even edited always sweet-tempered Fumare friend Kate.

From Incense:
Any comment that does not accentuate the positive is subject to editing or deletion - we make no apology for this policy. We do appreciate your interest and even your perspective; there are fora that accentuate the negative that you may find are more interested in propagating that perspective than we are.
Contravening comments are welcome elsewhere on the internet, but generally not in this forum.
You don't welcome comments? Why Incense, oh why? Censoring, deleting, shunning comments... these actions are all filled with negative energy. They are so judgmental and divisive. Incense, have you forgotten the lessons we gave you about tolerance and acceptance of comment diversity?

Okay, I'll admit it, I don't mind how Incense is behaving, because I'm getting a real laugh out of it. Here's another little humorous remark from Incense:
This website is not for petty arguments and feuds. Negative attitudes are not welcome here, and we need to avoid stooping to the level of those with negative attitudes . . . please keep in mind that Incense is sweet-smelling.
Hee. "Sweet-smelling." Hee, hee. Now this is an even funnier tidbit: if you ever mention the name "Fumare," regardless of whether the post "accentuates the positive" or not, Incense will edit "Fumare" and replace it with "[shameful website name deleted]." Heh, heh, heh. After learning of this, commenter Loyal Opposition made the following comment with, yes you guessed it, more Incense edits in the square brackets.
Are you really so uptight that you wont even allow [shameful website name deleted] to be named in the comments? Given that your blog is derived from (albeit, by way of contradiction) and the very name makes indirect reference to [shameful website name deleted], I think you might at least be honest enough to allow it to be named in the comments [honesty requires nothing of the sort].

Edited By Siteowner
"Honesty requires nothing of the sort"? Hee, hee, hee. Silly Siteowner, honesty requires recognition that Fumare isn't always shameful... after all, we have posts about giant mushrooms! That's something positive!

Here's a last reflection from Incense to a commenter who had not yet learned her lesson:
Because we have been candid about our editorial bent, it would seem that you post contravening material knowing you will be edited or deleted simply so that you can complain about being edited or deleted. We are happy to oblige you in that regard.
Oh Incense, but we don't want to complain about being edited or deleted... we like being edited! We want to celebrate it, we want to wear it as a badge of honor!

So, here is my challenge to you, Fumare visitors. Go to Incense and post some comments, many comments. I recommend mentioning Fumare by name as much possible. Remember, please keep your comments positively accentuated!! Then, come back here to our comments (which Fumare doesn't censor for content, unlike our little cousin Incense), and let us know what happened! Incense says that they are happy to oblige us in editing or deleting comments, so let's be kind and take up their offer!!