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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Avewatch Watch ... & Listen

Avewatch has been busy recently. Interesting stuff on AMU's accreditation. Remember, these are the guys who are running our law school. Now that AMSoL has full accreditation, they seem to think they have a free hand to do what they will. Even the need for ABA acquiescence regarding the "move" doesn't sway them. Neither, so far, has the fact that the ABA is investigating (has investigated?) a complaint regarding AMSoL's failure to comply with ABA governance guidelines. I think it's fair game to examine how they run AMU and to ask questions about how that bodes for AMSoL's future.

Also, Avewatch links to a review of AveMariaTown by Angelqueen's John Grasmeier. No SS pawn, he. AMT has new photos up, as well. Bottom left under "Construction Updates."

Finally, Avewatch links to audio from AMSoL's radio show The Advocate featuring AMSoL chaplain Fr. O. Surely we'd all like to hear his thoughts on selected topics. As I don't have audio (really, I don't), I'll let the soundbites (bytes?) speak for themselves. And why don't you all speak for yourselves in the Comments. What say you? Are you proud? Hopeful? Disgusted? Amused?

For anyone interested in the best interests of AMSoL (which class does not include our BoG, apparently, but, I hope, includes you, gentle reader), there really is no excuse for not checking Avewatch regularly.