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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Phenomena? A Conservative Revolution?

Who won the Republican Debate this week?

It looks like Ron Paul did, despite what seems like an intentional effort to marginalize his candidacy. (Note how when Ron Paul is called upon to answer, CNN frames him in the video in a way that is very distracting.)

It seems Ron Paul is making the establishment nervous with his principled conservative and back to the Constitution message.

Yesterday, every conservative talk show I happened to hear was bashing Ron Paul as a nut case, embarrassment, lunatic fringe who has no business being at the debate. The commentary was all an attack on him, not an engagement with the ideas he is presenting.

Why is Ron Paul the one candidate to watch?

Because the Republican party has turned on its conservative base in favor of big government, big business and corporatism. The media (including the conservative media) support these interests. But it is the base that elected the Republicans and these constituents have been sold a bill of goods. There is nothing conservative about the so called "tier one" candidates on offer and given top billing. Have a look:

But with the Ron Paul candidacy we are seeing a power struggle between elite conservative "old media" and grass roots "new media;" grass roots media is showing its power.

CNN poll

MSNBC poll

Vote.com Poll

BBC Commentary

"Old Media" and the conservative network are going to increase their attacks on Ron Paul and eventually block his opportunity to debate. The story to watch in the Republican contest is the impact and real power new media can have in a contest being decided for us by "old media" and the interests of business as usual corporatism.

What do you think? Who won the Republican debate this week in New Hampshire?

UPDATE: Another reason to follow the Ron Paul candidacy . . . entertaining YouTube people: