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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Kate O'Beirne to Faculty & Alumni: Keep it Up!!!

There was a fascinating exchange this morning on the Laura Ingraham radio show regarding the failure to close debate on the immigration bill in the Senate. Kate O'Bierne, Washington Editor of National Review and one of the more active members of AMSL's Board of Governors, was a guest on the show, and the discussion quickly moved to the influence of individual citizens on what happened with last night's vote. I wish I had a recording of the interview, and will try to find one later, but the gist of O'Bierne's (and Ingraham's) position was that the outcome in the senate shows what can happen when individual citizens refuse to be "rolled over" by powerful interests, including big business, labor unions, and others major players who had thrown their weight behind the bill. Both women praised the "loud people," those who refused to "get in line" and give in to pressure from those in leadership positions to just conform, but instead spoke out in the media, on the Internet, etc., in opposition to the injustices they were fighting.

The summary does not do justice to the power of O'Bierne's statements this morning. (Kate, if I missed anything, please give me a ring at the office and let me know...) Her words were a real shot in the arm to this Fumare blogger, and should really encourage those alumni and faculty who have become "loud people" in the media and on the Internet in the face of the manifest injustice being done to our beloved law school by the Administration, Board, and -- yes -- O'Bierne herself.

O'Beirne also admitted that she can be wrong, as in "I was wrong when I said that the bill would make it through the senate." That was encouraging too! Hmmm...I wonder where else Ms. O'Bierne has been wrong? It's not too late, Kate!

UPDATE: The audio from this exchange has been located. Click here for an MP3 file. Thank you to commenter Anna. On re-listening, I am struck again at how applicable Kate's words are to those who stand up against the heavy-handedness of the AMSL Administration and Board. Thanks, Kate, for the encouragement!