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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

INCENSE (Catchy isn't it!)

Much of the problem with the controversies surrounding our beloved alma mater have to do with communication. Apparently, from the perspective of the Board of Governors and Dean Dobranski, we alumni plebians just don't merit information about the goings on of our law school and are routinely told to shut-up and be good little boys and girls--even amidst that which has all the trappings of institutional suicide. We here at FUMARE have always held the position that individuals can make up their own minds as to what side to choose in this battle. We have continually found it troubling and goofy that our opposition takes the opposite approach (e.g, "There is no Falvey Report!")

Thus, in the spirit of oppenness and in the interest of getting ALL information out there to our beloved readers, we commend to you "INCENSE: An Independent Weblog of the Alumni & Supporters of the Many Good Works of the Ave Maria Foundation." This is an interesting site which seeks to be a counter to the illustrious, popular and ever-thought provoking FUMARE (evidenced by the name, of course). While INCENSE has not been around as long as FUMARE and it surely has some growing pains to overcome, I'm sure that it promises to be as informative and entertaining as FUMARE but from a different point of view.

It is fair to say that blogging is an art: FUMARE is like Michelangelo and INCENSE is like my 2 year old--struggling, but with enough effort can one day achieve greatness! So check out INCENSE, gang, read what they have to say and be of good cheer!

(P.S. INCENSE guys--you're welcome for the plug! Now your site will get some traffic and stem the tide of horrible press generated by FUMARE. Good luck!)