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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How the Administration and Tom Monaghan Used to View Professor Safranek

In light of the recent news, I thought that it might be nice to go back and look at how the administration once thought of Professor Safranek. In 2002, the Advocate featured a faculty profile on Professor Safranek. Here is an excerpt:

Professor Stephen Safranek, one of the founding faculty members of Ave Maria School of Law, is impressed at how quickly the Law School has progressed from inspiration to reality.
In fact, he marvels that, less than three years after the idea of a new law school was pitched to Tom Monaghan, Ave Maria is housed in a beautifully renovated building and is now in its second year of classes.
In the fall of 1998, he recalls, "a group of us thought it was an opportune time to develop a proposal for a unique law school. It was truly different in that this law school was to be founded on the principles of natural law, and we would bring in the Catholic intellectual tradition wherever it was relevant and important."
The group contacted Monaghan, received a call back and made its presentation.

In that same publication, Mr. Thomas S. Monaghan himself recognized that "a small group of legal professionals ... initiated Ave Maria School of Law." Professor Safranek was a member of that same small group of founding faculty. Monaghan went on to write "It's no coincidence that the founding faculty are all committed Catholics, firmly grounded in moral theology, and steeped in a rich Catholic intellectual heritage."

That's some high praise from Tom! It's a shame that Mr. Monaghan's esteem of Professor Safranek has dropped so low since that time.