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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Feminists Beware!

Question: What is the most charitable thing that you can do for this guy?

Answer: Bloody his nose.

Far from being boorish, uncharitable, or even morally infirm, this is a healthy and common sense response. This poor soul is obviously confused. He probably learned at the feet of his teachers that there one must not hurt others feelings or self-esteem, that are no differences between men and women, that the unborn child is not an unborn child, etc. etc. etc. His nonconformity in manners, morals and hygiene has left him ill-prepared to survive in the world of normal people. So he continues his professional stinky life of protesting against God, nature and right thinking people everywhere. Thus, sometimes the only thing you can do to bring him to reality is deliver a right hook to his proboscis and make the Signum Crucis over him as you walk past. Should such a fortunate thing occur to this chap, you would do well to hope that he capitalizes on this grace filled event, and returns to the Father.

Whence comes such a creature? Perhaps he had a bad formation. Perhaps his dad was a wimp. Perhaps he never read The Dangerous Book for Boys! I use the pathetic sissy above as an example of what will happen if boys are not allowed to be boys. If they don't explore, read about famous battles, make a slingshot or even know a little Latin! Thank God there are still normal men out there who wish to preserve our masculine heritage that so many--even in our own Catholic clergy--wish to destroy. There is no muddle-headed thinking in this book, no Sir! Just good clean fun for boys of all ages. I heartily recommend it to all of our readers--heck, even LoneWolf and Pelham might like it! Consider this portion of the section entitled "Girls":
You may already have noticed that girls are quite different from you. By this, we do not mean the physical differences, more the fact that they remain unimpressed by your mastery of a game involving wizards, or your understanding of Morse code. Some will be impressed, of course, but as a general rule, girls do not get quite as excited by the use of urine as a secret ink as boys do.
This book is an arsenal for combatting the "Sissy Culture" and for letting girls (and women) know that real men still exist! In addition to outdoorsmanship, there are moral, grammatical, and historical readings and a host of other topics that are essential to a boy's formation in our Western Culture. Consider some of the readings: "Famous Battles," "Timers and Tripwires," "Hunting and Cooking a Rabbit," "Sampling Shakespeare," "Navajo Code Talkers' Dictionary," "Star Maps," "Latin Phrases Every Boy Should Know," and "How to Play Poker." So tell your trendy neighbors to get their fat son off the couch playing his XBox or get him out of tap-dancing class and get him this book. Likewise, buy this book for your pussy whipped friends whose wives routinely make them go to antique shops and seminars entitled "InterPlay©: Spiritual Practice for Living an Embodied Life."
By whatever authority I have on this blog (which is very little), I solemnly declare that The Dangerous Book for Boys is on the TOP 10 FUMARE Must Have Books!

UPDATE: Check out the book's website here.